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The Performance Golf Zone login offers golfers a unique opportunity to take their game to new heights through its innovative online training platform. With expert instruction, data-driven tools, and a supportive community, the Performance Golf Zone aims to help members shave strokes and shoot lower scores.

Is Performance Golf Zone A Con?

When something seems too good to be true, it often is. The Performance Golf Zone certainly makes some bold claims about helping golfers shave strokes off their games. Let’s take a look at what they offer and whether it truly delivers or if it’s just hype.

The Performance Golf Zone promises access to world-class golf instruction from top coaches, a library of training videos and drills, personalized swing performance golf zone reviews, and high-tech training aids to improve your game quickly. On the surface, that does seem impressive. However, some golfers have complained that the instruction is too basic and not tailored enough for serious players.

Looking at performance golf zone google reviews online, there are certainly some positive stories of golfers seeing improvements. But there are also complaints that the training is generic and doesn’t deliver particularly groundbreaking insights. Without a real understanding of an individual’s swing flaws, generic online instruction can only go so far.

The other concern is the pricing. Membership plans are on the pricey side, and it’s not always clear what you’re getting for your money beyond marketing hype. There are also complaints that it can be difficult to cancel your membership. So in that sense, some do view Performance Golf Zone as a bit of a “con.”

However, Brixton Albert performance golf zone, the founder, is a legitimate golf coach and businessman. So while the marketing may overpromise at times, Performance Golf Zone does seem to provide real if basic instruction. As with any training program, your results will depend a lot on how much effort you put in. So in summary – not a total scam but perhaps not the magic bullet claimed either. Caveat emptor!

Does Performance Golf Zone work?

There’s no doubt that with the right instruction, focused practice, and proper training aids, golfers can definitely see improvements in their games. So in that sense, yes the performance golf zone login approach of offering online videos, coaching, and training tools can “work” for many golfers. But how well it works depends on individual factors.

Some golfers do seem to have success following the golf performance zone training programs and coaching. Testimonials on the site share stories like shaving strokes off their handicaps, hitting the ball further, and gaining consistency. But these results are certainly not universal or guaranteed for everyone. Much depends on a person’s commitment level to the program and how well the generic advice fits their specific needs and swing issues.

The strength of Performance Golf Zone is that it provides structure, accountability, and a variety of resources to help keep golfers motivated in practicing and improving. But for more serious players or those with complex swing flaws, the relatively basic level of individualized instruction may not be enough. It seems to work best for intermediate golfers looking to take their games to the next level with focused online training.

The key is having realistic expectations of improvement rather than thinking Performance Golf Zone will magically fix your swing overnight. With commitment and practice, most golfers should see some benefits. But your mileage may vary, and it takes time and effort to see major scoring drops. So in summary – it can work well for many but individual fit is important too.

How To Cancel My Performance Golf Zone Membership

One of the most common complaints about Performance Golf Zone is the difficulty of canceling your membership when you want to discontinue the service. While they do offer a generous 365-day refund policy, canceling ongoing payments can apparently be a challenge. Here are the recommended steps:

  • Log into your performance golf zone login member account page by clicking “Login” at the top of
  • Once logged in, click “Account Settings” in the left sidebar menu.
  • On the Account Settings page, look for the “Cancel Membership” button and click it.
  • You’ll be asked to confirm your cancellation. Click “Submit” to proceed.
  • Performance Golf Zone will then send you an email confirmation of your cancellation.
  • If you signed up for recurring payments, also log in to your payment account like a credit card and cancel future payments to Performance Golf Zone.
  • Keep records of your cancellation requests in case of any billing disputes later on.
  • You can also try calling Performance Golf Zone support at 1-800-523-5760 to cancel over the phone if the online process doesn’t work.

Taking these steps should ensure your Performance Golf Zone membership and payments are properly canceled. But some members report multiple performance golf zone cancellation attempts may be needed. Stay persistent and record all communication.

How To Cancel Performance Golf Zone Subscription

As discussed in the previous section, cancel performance golf zone subscription requires going through their online account cancellation process. Here are the main steps again;

  • Sign in, to your membership account on Performance Golf Zone by clicking the “Login” link at the top of
  • Once you’re logged in go to “Account Settings” on the sidebar menu.
  • Find the “Cancel Membership” button on the Account Settings page. Click on it.
  • Confirm your cancellation by clicking “Submit” on the screen.
  • You will receive an email from Performance Golf Zone confirming your cancellation.

Apart from canceling through your Performance Golf Zone account remember to log in to your payment method such as a credit card and stop any recurring payments, to Performance Golf Zone. Ensure you cancel the subscription fully from both sides.

As a precaution, you may want to cancel your payment method as well if you’ve had trouble canceling previously. Keep records of all performance golf zone cancellation attempts in case of any billing disputes down the road. And don’t hesitate to call Performance Golf Zone support if the online cancellation doesn’t work as needed. With persistence, you should be able to end your subscription.

Is Performance Golf Zone Legit?

There’s no question that performance golf zone login is a legitimate golf training business. Brixton Albert, the founder is known as a golf instructor and the company offers educational materials. Nevertheless certain promotional assertions and operational methods have raised skepticism among a golf enthusiasts.

On the positive side, golf performance zone does deliver instruction from respected coaches in their video library. Customer feedback indicates that the program has been effective, in helping numerous golfers improve their scores through use. Moreover the companys refund policy, which is quite generous reflects their belief in the quality of their offerings.

Nevertheless the success of their business model hinges significantly on acquiring and retaining members, for periods. This can sometimes lead to marketing campaigns exaggerating results to gain attention organically. Additionally personalized coaching may not cater comprehensively to all golfers requirements.

Performance golf zone cancellation policies have also been problematic for some. While the website provides cancellation instructions, persistence is sometimes needed to fully unsubscribe.

Is Performance Golf Zone Login

To access your Performance Golf Zone member account and all the instructional resources, you’ll need to performance golf zone login using your username and password. Here are the basic steps for logging into your Performance Golf Zone account:

  • Visit the website of Performance Golf Zone at
  • Click on the “Login” link located at the section of the page.
  • On the login page input the email address or username associated with your account.
  • Type, in your password. Then select “Login.”
  • You will be directed to your member homepage where you can explore videos practice drills view your swing profile and more.
  • Remember to store your Performance Golf Zone login details, for Performance Golf Zone in a password manager to avoid forgetting them on.
  • If you encounter difficulties logging in you have the option to reset your password on the login page or reach out to support for assistance.

Make sure to keep your Performance Golf Zone login information handy so you can conveniently access all the resources you’re paying for whenever you want to practice or receive coaching. Proper login is key to getting full value from their membership.

Is Performance Golf Zone Worth It?

As with any golf instruction or training program, whether Performance Golf Zone is worth the cost depends on individual factors and needs. Here are a few considerations to determine the value:

  • Skill level – Intermediate golfers looking to improve form/consistency seem to benefit most from the basic online instruction. Beginners may find it lacking while experts need more customized coaching.
  • Budget – Membership fees can add up over time, so weigh the cost against practice habits and expected results. For casual players, it may not offer enough for the price.
  • Commitment – You’ll only get out what you put in through consistent practice. Without dedication to the drills and videos, results may not justify renewing membership.
  • Specific needs – Generic advice may not address an individual’s complex swing flaws. Consider getting lessons locally as well if needed.
  • Customer service – Some report difficulties canceling that leave a bad taste. Research their support reputation thoroughly.

For motivated intermediate golfers, golf performance zone can provide structure and resources to help take their games to the next level. The library of instructional videos and training programs does cover the fundamentals well. And testimonials show many members have found value through regular practice with their tools.

However, more advanced players may plateau without customized guidance from their coaching programs. And beginners new to the sport are probably better served initially through low-cost in-person lessons to build a solid foundation.

The pricing can also be prohibitive if not committed long-term. While the refund policy offers flexibility, it’s still a significant investment. Be sure to fully research performance golf zone cancellation policies before signing up as well due to some user difficulties in this area.

Performance Golf Zone seems most worthwhile for intermediate golfers who will practice diligently and can afford the membership fees. But set expectations appropriately – no online program should be seen as a magic bullet replacement for real on-course experience and repetition over time either. For those with discipline, it can aid progress. But it’s not necessarily right for all levels or budgets.

Who Owns Performance Golf Zone?

Performance Golf Zone was established in 2009 by Brixton Albert, a golfer and coach. He now serves as the CEO and primary force behind the companys growth.

Some details, about Brixton Albert and his involvement with Performance Golf Zone;

  • He used to be a top level golfer who competed professionally and has than two decades of coaching experience.
  • His aim was to offer top notch training that’s accessible and affordable for golfers worldwide.
  • As the CEO, Performance Golf Zone under his leadership has expanded its reach to cater to over 500,000 members globally through its platform.
  • Brixton manages all aspects of the business including content creation, product development and strategic planning.
  • Apart from overseeing operations he also personally provides coaching to members.

Brixton holds the majority ownership in Performance Golf Zone. Drives its growth strategy as both the founder and owner. While there are now coaches, at Performance Golf Zone, Brixton Albert remains in control of business decisions and daily operations. His wealth of experience and dedication clearly shape the companys vision.

How To Cancel A Subscription To Performance Golf Zone

If you’ve decided Performance Golf Zone is no longer fitting your needs or budget, it’s important to properly cancel your subscription to avoid ongoing charges. Here are the key steps:

  1. Go performance golf zone member login account at
  2. Click on “Account Settings” on the left hand side menu.
  3. Once you’re, on the Account Settings page. Click the “Cancel Membership” button.
  4. Confirm your cancellation on the following screen.
  5. Expect an email confirmation from Performance Golf Zone.
  6. Access your payment method, such as a credit card.
  7. Locate the transaction related to Performance Golf Zone.
  8. Stop any recurring payments to Performance Golf Zone.
  9. Make sure to keep a record of your cancellation attempts for reference purposes.
  10. If needed reach out to support at 1 800 523 5760 for help, with cancellation.

Stay persistent. Unsubscribing may require attempts. After cancellation you shouldn’t be charged any membership or subscription fees by Performance Golf Zone. Ensuring closure of your cancellation is crucial.

What is the Performance Golf Zone Secret?

There is no single “secret” to dramatically improving your golf game. Through experience and research, Brixton Albert performance golf zone believes the best approach combines these key elements:

  • Focus on getting the basics right. Establish a foundation by practicing your grip, stance, posture and swing technique
  • Utilize training tools that are supported by data. Enhance your practice sessions with tools that have been proven to help you perfect your movements effectively.
  • Seek guidance from instructors. Learn from coaches who have developed proven methods supported by both science and success stories, from professional players.
  • Stick to a long term strategy. Achieving real progress requires patience, regularity and smart training tailored to your needs.
  • Enjoy the journey. Stay relaxed enjoy yourself and focus on noticing improvements than fixating on scores which will naturally improve over time.

While advertisements may promise solutions the real key lies in putting in effort with the right guidance over an extended period. Natural talent paired with practice allows skills to flourish. Consistency, commitment to mastering the basics and drawing inspiration from experts are the catalysts, for achieving success.

Final Thought

The performance golf zone login provides a variety of resources that have helped many golfers improve their games when utilized consistently long-term. However, it’s not necessarily a perfect fit for all budgets and skill levels.

With realistic expectations, dedication to fundamentals practice, and thorough research into the program specifics, performance golf zone member login could potentially be worth the investment for motivated intermediate players looking to reach their scoring potential. Just be sure to fully understand the business model and performance golf zone cancellation policies before committing to any online golf training program.

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